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FAQ – Pays



Why loyalty programs?

Loyalty program improves customer retention and boosts your brand reputation.

How does Pays helps Business user?

Pays provides 2 kinds of solutions to the manufacturer,

  • Rewarding their loyal channel or consumers and
  • Allowing consumers to authenticate their products.
  • Easy access portal to businesses and consumers
  • Analytics helps businesses to monitor and measure growth of campaigns Directly addressing the problems faced by any brand for identifying fake products over genuine ones. Gratifying / rewarding their channel members who play a key role effecting sales.

What does Pays provide to customer?

A customer could be termed as a channel member (eg: Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Painter etc.,) Web portal, iOS and Android App for authentication and coupon redemption. Coupon can be redeemed either by recharge or by money transfer to bank. (Money transfer to bank is a new feature and is being worked upon. Will be released soon)

What does Pays provide to Business user?

A fully managed cloud based infrastructure to manage your Reward points, Customer information, Track authentication, Payments, etc., It provides your business with real time control over the coupons. Increase your engagement with the channel and get insights to their usage patterns.