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About Pays

Protection at your steps & Payments at your steps !

Pays (Protection at your steps & Payments at your steps) is a consumer platform that protects consumers from buying counterfeit products. Pays scans unique identifier (QR code) of the product and verifies the authenticity of the products before the purchase. Our mission is to provide businesses a provision to protect their brand products from counterfeiters. Globally Authentic products adhere to higher quality standards, Compatible to their original manufactured product, Environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and protects the interest and safety of consumers.


At PAYS we believe in positively impacting the consumer industry and channel industry by eradicating the sale and distribution of spurious products. Our purpose is to create a product which empowers Brands, Channels & Consumers to authenticate a genuine product, and gratify the channel for the loyalty with brand. Empowering the customers with instant authentication checks and spontaneous gratification to channel dealing with it.

Counterfeiting products is one of the fastest crimes in economy. It devalues brand reputation, hinders investment opportunities, funds terrorism, causes unemployment, tax evasions, losses to government, causes harm to original equipment & has safety issues.


We are startup and are innovators. All our actions have a goal of protecting the consumers and businesses interest. Our scalable technology and service offerings is the best way to crack down on the counterfeit products such as Auto parts, Paints, Electrical, Electronic, Medicine industry and much more.


Our commitment to do good for the whole community. Association with Brands, Retailers & Consumers with a commitment to all to eradicate the fake products from the industry and gratify the channels as brands desire.


A cloud based anti counterfeit service for verifying the product authenticity & SMS / APP based gratification to channel that instantly gratifies the channel. Our key focus lies on :

  • Highly secure automatic codes generation uniquely identifies each product
  • Real time authenticity check
  • Easy access portal to businesses and consumers
  • Analytics helps businesses to monitor and measure growth of campaigns
  • Insights on product usage at consumer level.


Our thought process to empower the consumer / channel to authenticate and gratify is holistic and is available on all of below :

  • Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Web interface
  • SMS (Short messaging service)

Why choose us?

Genuine brand owners not only make great products but also chose right partner to authenticate their product and gratify their channels. Empowering their channel and consumers is important as they are core components of your business. Using nothing more than internet, smartphone or a message – is the smart, simplest way to beat counterfeits, build channel loyalty and grow brand value. You sell authentic products to your consumers and channels with gratification service. What’s more our platform will soon allow you to run campaigns rightly targeted and be a part of your growth.

Complete solution offering

From unique codes to printing stickers / labels we offer you a complete solution for your products. All you need is just talk to our friendly business executive to meet you with a solution and enable it.